The son of the Deputy head of the NYPD kept the work of the police after allegations of harassment

In the center of the scandal was the son of the Deputy chief of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) , James Essig.

As it became known edition of Daily Newsin October 2015 Joseph Essig, who had to work at the NYPD just 15 months, was arrested in one of the Atlantic city casinos because he in a rough form, with the use of physical force, molested the girl.

However, after some time sexual harassment state of new Jersey was reclassified in bodily injury. Joseph essig pleaded guilty, paid a fine of $1 million and pledged not to approach the victim closer by a prescribed distance.

Usually the police after this kind of charges, leaving law enforcement agencies less than 2 years after the crime. However, in this case, all remained in their places. Employees of the NYPD did not hide his discontent with the situation. According to them, the result was influenced by high-ranking father Joseph.

Reporters also found that in the case in which the COP got such a light sentence, there is a videowhere he stopped to molest a girl only after she stood up for one of the casino visitors.

Data about the arrest of Joseph Essig was not made public, and soon the NYPD, and renounced a 40-year practice of providing the media information about disciplinary proceedings that raised concerns about the transparency of police work in new York.

«The case was thoroughly revised, and the officer was subjected to severe punishment for violation. Everything was done in full compliance with the requirements and rules of the Department», — commented the speaker of the NYPD Phil Walczak.

Additional information from Joseph and James Asshow to get so far failed.