The court abolished the payroll on the basis of previous earnings

Now us employers cannot charge salary to new employees on the basis of data on earnings from the last job, as this may cause inequality in income between men and women.

The decision was taken 11th by the panel of judges of the 9th circuit court of appeals of the United States. Thus, a long litigation, initiated by the mathematics teacher in Fresno (CA), was completed in favor of the plaintiff.

As we found out from the judgement, the beginning of the story was the statement high school teacher of mathematics Eileen Rizo, in which she accused the head of the district Board schools in Fresno «discriminatory policy» in relation to earnings. The woman managed to learn that her male colleagues who had the same job and working the same hours, receive a large salary. On the question about the causes of such discrimination, she received the answer that the history of the income that men my previous place of work has received more than Rizzo.

As a result of long judicial proceedings, the panel ruled in favor of Rizo and decided that the practice of charging salaries based on last place of work should be abolished, as it «can lead to discrimination and is contrary to the provisions of the Law on equal pay».

The decision will be valid not only for California but for the eight States in the Western United States.