The sprinkler could have saved the victim of a fire in trump tower life — but it was not in the building

Twenty years ago, Donald trump played a key role in blocking a bill that requires equipping an old residential building in new York city sprinkler fire extinguishing systems. Unfortunately, the law has not been adopted. Experts on fire safety indicated that such a system of sprinklers could have mitigated the damage from the fire in trump tower this weekend and, possibly, to avoid casualties.

On Saturday a fire occurred in an apartment on the 50th floor, where a 67-year-old art collector Todd , Brossner. It is not known what caused the fire, but it took a lot of effort to eliminate it. Killing himself is a collector and injured six firefighters. Experts believe that the installation of sprinklers could extinguish the fire, prevent human casualties.

The bill has repeatedly initiated for consideration and subsequent adoption. But every time there were enemies that would stop the adoption process. One such active adversaries was Donald trump, who, as the argument cited the high cost of installing a sprinkler system.

However, not only the trump tower is not equipped with a sprinkler system. According to experts, such fire-extinguishing equipment is installed only in buildings built after 1999. This means that in the majority of residential buildings in new York there is no means of automatically extinguishing fires. In 2004, the city of metropolis issued a decree that all commercial buildings with an area exceeding 10 square meters (100 square feet) must be fitted with sprinklers.

According to the National fire protection Association (National Fire Protection Association) sprinkler system effectively extinguishes the fire in 97% of cases. In new York, for the period from 2016 to 2017 the death toll from the fire rose by 35%.