Roskomnadzor has blocked two million IP addresses, Google and Amazon

16 April 2018 in the Russian Federation have begun to block online messenger, Telegram, owned by well-known businessman Pavel Durov. However, in addition to the resources of Telegram, in Russia also ceased to function more than two million IP addresses owned by technology giants Google and Amazon. It turned out that they also fell under the lock.

Alexander Zharov, the incumbent head of Roskomnadzor, said that the resources of these companies were blocked because of their connection with trapped in a «disfavor» by the messenger.

«We have to unload received subnet Amazon, which switched to Telegram. The fact that the third paragraph of the court’s decision requires Roskomnadzor and other legal entities to create the conditions for technical access to blocked messenger. We execute the court decision», — commented on the situation yet.

In the register of banned websites has been credited multiple subnets Google and Amazon. The first company was blocked more than a million IP addresses, the second — 800 thousand According to unconfirmed information, because these actions in a network of shops «Dixie» has ceased to work the cash register.

Representatives of tech giants while did not give comments on the situation. In turn, Pavel Durov does not hide that is going to withstand the Telegram lock and was taking steps to bypass. On April 16 in the first half of the day, many users of this program have complained about the lack of communication, but by lunchtime, the social network Telegram fully functioned.