The lawyers trump was joined by former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani

About this told himself Rudolph Giuliani, answering questions from the media. According to him, he joined the legal team of Donald trump in order to put an end to the investigation of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, which examines the possible relationship of the President with the leadership of Russia.

«I do it because I hope that we can arrange everything for the good of the country and because I appreciate the President and Mueller,» said Giuliani.

Representatives of Donald trump also confirmed the addition to the ranks of the team of attorneys of the US President. In addition to the ex-mayor of the Big Apple, to lawyers trump will be joined by two former Federal Prosecutor — Jane Sayrin Ruskin and Marty Raskin, who now run law firm in Florida.

Rudolph Giuliani is a longtime ally of Donald trump, and in recent weeks he has managed to speak with the head of state about the possibility of joining his group of lawyers. Because the ex-mayor had been preparing for this step, he carefully considered the plan of actionthat is going to bring to the discussion with the lawyers already working on this case.

New team member trump declined to discuss details of the investigation, Robert Mueller. To the question, did the US President the final decision regarding the meeting with the special Prosecutor, Giuliani said that while about it to speak too early. At the same time, according to the lawyer, he advised Donald Trump to give Muller the opportunity to carry out his duties.

Rudy Giuliani is a prominent politician and statesman. In the period from 1994 to 2001 he held the position of mayor of new York. Before he took office, led the legal activity. Being on the mayor, actively fought crime in the Big Apple, relying on the «broken Windows theory» (fight against minor offences to prevent their transition into more serious crimes). It is also believed that it significantly reduced the number of unemployed in new York and significantly increased the tourist attractiveness of the city.