The authorities in new York want to ban the sale of water in plastic bottles in city parks

In 2018 Prospect Park has become a pedestrian zone, and residents of Brooklyn met this innovation is very positive. The mayor of new York bill De Blasio has announced that Central Park will follow suit in the near future will move to the mode «car-free«. Now the legislators are going to introduce a ban on the sale of liquids in plastic containers in all the parks of the Big Apple.

According to the authors of the bill Rafael Espinal and Ben Kallos, this is an important return: the team of the President of the United States Donald trump. Recall that in 2017 the corresponding ban has been lifted on the state level. The authorities in new York have repeatedly criticized the President for the idea of trading in parks, disposable plastic container, but it did not change the decisions of the team trump. As the authors of the bill, they will not allow to contaminate green zones for economic benefit.

The ban is part of measures designed to reduce the amount of garbage all over new York. Utilities are experiencing a lot of stress and struggle to cope with huge amounts of plastic debris. Moreover the only effective method of destruction — incineration. The result of these actions, the ecosystem of the metropolis applied enormous damage.

In recent years, developed countries are actively involved in fighting the problem of waste disposal, which is acute in some cities of Europe and the USA. Besides, America is one of the leaders by the number of burning debris than seriously concerned international organizations.