Doctor from Albany accused of horrible experiments on victims of the sex cult NXIVM

The health Department of new York (New York State Department of Health) has accused the 44-year-old Brandon porter in conducting illegal experiments on members of the sect NXIVM («Nexium»), reports the New York Post. The charges against porter was filed on the basis of the statement of one of his former «subjects».

In August 2017 canadian actress Jennifer Kobelt, in the past belonged to the notorious sect, complained of illegal actions of the doctor of NXIVM. He put the so-called «experiments in fear«: imprisoned women in a chair, directs them camera to connect special sensors to read brain activity, and showed them a video with terrible mutilations, murder and rape.

«He continued to film my reaction for at least 10 minutes, the woman said in her statement, adding that violent video porter began to show her without warning. — He betrayed me not only as a friend, but as doctorwho many times I have trusted their health, when we were in new York.»

The woman suggests that in this experiment it took more than 100 people.

In September 2017 the state bodies conducting supervision of activities of doctors, refused to take appropriate action on the complaint of Jennifer Kobelt Dr. porter. Then they explained that his actions cannot be qualified as «improper behavior of the health worker«.

Now, however, the Office of professional medical ethics (Office of Professional Medical Conduct — OPMC) under the Department of health makes Dr. Brandon porter a number of charges: conducting illegal experiments, unethical behavior of doctor incompetence and gross negligence.

A hearing on the charges is scheduled for June 27. If the allegations are proven, then the porter can be deprived of a medical license.

We have previously reported that recruitment of women for NXIVM has been the star of the TV series «Smallville’s» Allison Mack.