Fraud with Hungarian passports have allowed dozens of illegal immigrants to enter the United States under a false name

The US authorities uncovered a fraudulent schemethat allowed dozens of foreigners to enter the United States under false identities.

According to the document the Department of homeland security (DHS), obtained by The Washington Post, the fraud was related to Hungarian passports.

About 700 people, not being ethnic Hungarians, illegally obtained a Hungarian passport. Of these, at least 85 tried to enter the United States, and 65 received permission to enter. Now about 30 people remain in the country, despite attempts by the Ministry of homeland security (Department of Homeland Security — DHS) to track them down and deport.

Experts say this Scam is a serious threat for both the United States and other countries.

«The most obvious risk is that these people have reasons to conceal his identity, says Stewart Baker, a former DHS worker, who was involved in transnational threats in Europe and the middle East. — It could be drug trafficking, organized crime or just illegal immigration. The most alarming reason, of course, terrorism. In addition, the spy, whom we have expelled, can fly, for example, in Ukraine, buy passport of Hungary and heading back to the United States.»

DHS employees say the attackers got a passport, using a Hungarian government program that allows ethnic Hungariansliving outside the country to issue citizenship in an expedited manner.

This measure was introduced in 2011, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban‘s insistence on the importance of unification of the Hungarian Diaspora, spread across Europe after the two world wars.

The citizens of Hungary, a member of the European Union, have the right to visa-free entry into the United States, making it an attractive citizenship to ethnic Hungarians living in other countries with a large number of visa requirements, such as Ukraine and Russia.

Since 2011 in the framework of the Hungarian citizenship has received more than 1 million people.

U.S. authorities believe that the attackers also issued a citizen of Hungary, under this program, and then simply sold passports to persons who are not ethnic Hungarians.