72-year-old artist evicted from housing because she passed it on the portal Airbnb

The desire to get a slight increase to their pensions turned the loss of a roof over your head for an elderly resident of Tribeca. The Manhattan Supreme court ruled that 72-year-old artist Eileen Hickey had to leave their apartments with stabilized charge within 30 days since it was illegally passed them through the portal Airbnb.

The woman lived in a spacious loft 42 years, in recent years, paying for it only $1500 per month. Learning about her part of the rent, the landlord Robert Moskowitz demanded the eviction through the courts.

Litigation continued in 2014, and the plaintiff finally succeeded. The law is on his side, policelike housing in new York is forbidden to rent, lease (including sublease) less than 30 days unless a permanent resident does not remain in it.

The Respondent explains that he was forced to get out because it was in a difficult life situation. She claims that in total gave loft to rent not more than 85 times, and then it was in 2012. To try to win their right to stay in his house, she collected money for a lawyer through the portal, Go Fund Me.

«Please help! Otherwise, I’m homeless!», she wrote.

All pleas Hickey and participation of concerned people were in vain, and now the artist has nowhere to go.

Against the defendant played and the fact that the proceedings in her case had taken place on the background of the scandal that erupted around Airbnb.