Citizen of Philadelphia will pay $10 million for wrongful arrest

The court decided to pay $10 million 33-year-old resident of Philadelphia, served in prison for 3 years because of false testimony of a police officer.

Since 2011, Hanif boozer 3 years in jail waiting for trial on charges of shooting a COP Ryan Waltman. The man simply was not able to pay a Deposit of $500 thousand.

During the trial in 2014 officer Waltman said that it was shot, the accused, these words were confirmed by another police officer. That’s just too late, the lawyers presented the defense witness, who admitted that he was the shooter, and not a COP, and in the air.

As a result the court has completely justified Butera, then the man filed a civil lawsuit in which he said that on the evening of the arrest he was trying to say that it has nothing to do with the shooting, but no one listened. «They had someone arrested and charged in the shooting,» said lawyers Butera.

For the time that boozer was in prison, his mother died and sister.

Ryan Waltman, a police officer with 10 years experience, still working in the police Department of Philadelphia (PA), receiving about $75 thousand per year.

According to Butera, he wants the lawyers continued to fight for those who have been unjustly arrested. «I’m just happy that this story is over,» said the man.