In Georgia, three police officers used force to arrest the 65-year-old woman (Video)

Another scandal involving police officers rocked the suburbs of Atlanta (Georgia) and social networks. The wide public it became known that on may 4, the guards of the small town of ALPHARETTA was arrested…65-year-old woman, while using excessive force. Besides, policemen detained the elderly driver of the three, while three other officers were nearby.

ALPHARETTA police Department has released a video which is clearly visible, as officers forcibly get out of the car the elderly woman. One of them is acting particularly aggressive, and at some point shouted to the driver: «You’re not the boss, shut up and get out of the car!«. When a woman agrees to get out of the car, the patrol uses force and starts wringing her hand behind her back. After that, the cops putting the cuffs on.

Aggressive officer, James Legg and he has already resigned after his superiors said about him, the exceeding of authority, using obscene language and using inappropriate tactics. Against two other police officers conducted the investigation.

It all started with the moment 65-year-old rose Campbell allegedly broke the rules when making turns. It has come to the attention of the patrol and they stopped the offender. The woman did not agree with the arguments of the police and refused to recognize the violation as long as the scene doesn’t arrive, someone from the leadership. Out of the car Campbell was also not sobiralass.

After that, officers began to force to pull an elderly driver, causing the aid of additional crews. It is a part of one of the patrols «help» came James Legg. He then repeatedly ordered the woman to get out of the car, and when she agreed to leave the transport, the patrol started inexplicably screaming at the woman and began to act more aggressive.

«Frankly, I felt humiliated. I realized that not only my personal space was violated, but that he treated me without any respect,» commented rose Campbell.

The woman’s lawyer said that the investigation admitted that her client the traffic rules are not violated. At the same time she agreed that I was acting inappropriately. The police ALPHARETTA continues to restore the full picture and is investigating further.