In the USA legalized sports betting

The Supreme court of the United States allowed the States to legalize sports betting, by endorsing the relevant law, in particular, in the state of new Jersey and repealing the 1992 law forbidding such rates in almost all areas of the country.

The chief justice («for» — 6, against — 3) upheld the new Jersey law in 2014 permitting sports betting at casinos and racetracks in the state.

Some States support the new Jersey in this decision, considering sports betting as a potentially large source of tax revenue. According to experts, the volume of black market sports betting in the U.S. is today billions of dollars per year.

«The legalization of sports betting is a very important choice, but it is not our choice. If Congress decides not to regulate directly, each state has the right to act independently,» said judge Samuel Alito.

Analysts believe that now sports betting can be legalized in a dozen States. (Now they are officially allowed in Nevada, and in parts of Oregon, Montana and Delaware.)

Now in new Jersey, persons under the age of 21 years can legally do to make bets on sports events at casinos and racetracks in the state. Rates will be allowed only on the sports teams of the colleges.