The Brooklyn teen went to jail and stayed there for 18 years for a murder he did not commit

John Bannu from Brooklyn was only 14 years old when he was mistakenly arrested in connection with the murder of a police officer Rolando of the Nisher. This happened in 1991 in crown heights.

At trial, the boy pleaded not guilty and later, during the entire 18-year prison term, insisted that he had not committed a crime. In 2009, the bath was on probation, but the charges didn’t get them.

This continued until last Tuesday, may 15. All these years, lawyers for the men fought for the restoration of his honest name.

In the end, the Brooklyn prosecutors have acknowledged that the arrest and sentence was unfair. The court acquitted John bath all charges. «I want to thank you, your honor, because for 27 years I was fighting for my life,» said the man in court.

Retired detective police Department of new York (N. Y. C. Police Department) Louis Scarcellathe first round of the bath, was accused of extortion of confession, the manipulation of witnesses and perjury.

Whether their client to seek financial compensation for unjust imprisonment, the lawyers have not yet commented on.

«I just feel like God has finally blessed me, that’s all,» said John Bunn.