The Senate voted for the return of net neutrality

In the United States can return to the principle of an open Internet, whereby the providers will lose the right to block certain resources, applying to him disciplinary measures. Wednesday, may 15, the Senate voted for a bill overturning a previous decision by the Federal communications Commission to abolish net neutrality in December last year.

52 lawmakers voted for this decision, and 47 against. The White house is ready to support the first position.

Recall that the principle of net neutrality was introduced in 2016, during the reign of Barack Obama. The rule regulated activity providers and prohibits providers to speed up or slow down traffic to websites and applications.

The proposal to abolish the measure put forward in 2017 Ajit Pai, the new Chairman of the Federal communications Commission, appointed after the inauguration of President Donald trump. His initiative was supported by more than half of the members of the organization.

Supporters of «net neutrality» was concerned about its abolition, fearing that the innovation will complicate the competition for online services.