Passenger with 4th stage cancer were detained on a cruise ship, the immigration police of Florida

A citizen of China with 4th stage cancer and his wife were detained by representatives of Immigration and customs enforcement United States (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE) on a cruise ship arriving in port Florida.

After the elderly man moved the removal of the stomach and 8 courses of chemotherapy, the children invited their wife to meet their grandchildren and at least some time to be with them. As told by the son-in-law spouse Joseph McDevitt, the parents of his wife, Wagnsson Tsui and Wang Juan came to the U.S. in December for multivisa for a period of 10 years.

Last week the family went on a cruise from Florida aboard Carnival Elation. According to Joseph McDevitt, during the journey with my wife’s parents 4 times called with a demand to produce documents. When the ship returned to Jacksonville, the family was met by the staff of ICE as a «suspicious person». As told to McDevitt, his wife’s parents were fingerprinted, after which the family was separated.

Wife McDevitt stayed with 2 young children and her husband and parents were placed in different rooms, not allowed to go out except to call my lawyer. McDevitt said they 2 day didn’t know what was going on with his parents, who themselves don’t have any money.

Joseph McDevitt is a U.S. citizen, a member of the National guard. His wife became an American citizen through marriage.

In the end, the elderly couple was released, and the cruise company announced that it will pay for their flight to China, but the immigration lawyer of the family of Susan Pai asked the Federal authorities to investigate the «illegal detention».

We will remind, recently in Montana, the border guard detained 2 citizens of the US for conversation in Spanish.