The doctor appropriated $150 thousand rescuers of 9/11

The doctor, working for the FDNY, charged with misappropriation of more than $150 thousand.

Michael Asked Chung was arrested on charges of failure to perform their duties. Chang worked with the participants of the rescue operation at the world trade center on September 11. Also, his duties included medical examinations of employees of the new York fire Department, and former employees who have retired, with the subsequent control procedures in special clinics. Chang has worked in the FDNY for almost 6 years.

«Doctors take an oath to do no harm, but he broke the code, giving more than 150 thousand in public funds almost a year of work he did not perform» – said the Commissioner of the Department of investigation mark Peters.

Salary Changa was calculated according to a special electronic database, which he filled out on their own. But, according to Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, 220 days, entered them in the schedule, was not realized. Moreover, 34 days from marked them as workers, Chang spent in travel abroad of the United States. According to official estimates Dr. Chang for six years pocketed $156 757, which had no right.

Attorney for the Eastern district of new York, Richard Donohue, said: «Dr. Chang stole taxpayer money intended to provide health care to employees of the Fire Department of new York, which endangered their lives and health to save others during the terrorist attacks on the world trade center.»

This morning Dr. Chang was arrested, he awaits trial in Brooklyn Federal court, with the alleged term of imprisonment up to 10 years.