In Rockland County schools want to abolish homework — after the fifth graders petition

In the schools of Rockland County (new York) to the beginning of the next school year may change the format of homework. The reason for this decision was the petition of pupils of the fifth grade Christopher De Leon and Nico Keeley elementary school Farley in stony point, which was approved in the school district.

«I was stressed from a larger amount of homework, and I, just for a minute, lost in thought, I realized that I wanted to get rid of them,» said Keeley.

So the two boys decided to write a petition to their school district. Most of my classmates supported them. As a result, schools in search of a new format for the jobs.

Because it has become a national trendthat cannot be ignored, the district is going to revise its attitude to homework for students.

«It is not about how to cancel homework, but rather about how to rethink, to change and improve to meet the needs of our students,» said assistant Director Chris Feliciello.

Now in school districts across the country regularly experimenting, trying to cancel homework, then to reduce their number. The important role played by studies that showed the ineffectiveness of homework.

Experts believe that the need to reduce the number of stressful situations for students and to find a format that will allow them to feel less stressful.

However, not all parents agree: it is unclear what their offspring are busy after school and how will they learn without a job.

Felicello, responds to the fears of parents: «I hope that children go home and start to read and find what they are interested, go to YouTube — find out how to play the ukulele, or learn how Space X to communicate with their friends or play on the street.»

Now the authorities are considering different options, and all hope that by next year the new strategy is ready.