The right hand of the «King cab» Eugene Friedman admitted affiliation to the multi-million dollar Scam

Financial officer of the company, which was created by a native of St. Petersburg Evgeny Friedman (also known as gene Friedman and the «King cab»), admitted in a multimillion dollar Scam for tax evasion.

The General Director of the largest taxi companies in new York Taxiclub Management Inc. he was arrested almost a year ago – June 7, 2017 – and all this time denied his guilt. But on 22 may of this year, Friedman admitted to organizing a fraud scheme for tax evasion in the amount of $5 million.

But on may 31 about his guilt announced and CFO Andrea Dumitru.

«As we have described in detail, Andrea Dumitru collaborated with Evgeny a Friedman to Rob new Yorkers – to fill your pockets with money the taxpayers who had to go to supply our transportation system,» – said the attorney General of the state of new York Barbara underwood.

Dumitru told that in the period from January 2015 to February 2016, she pocketed $10 thousand through them with the Friedman scheme. They have turned to Scam due to the failure to pay a 50 percent tax Metropolitan Transport Authority, which is automatically added to each fares passengers. Within 3 years of the ill-fated couple was able to deceive the Department of taxation and Finance new York state, counterfeiting the data on the number of taxable trips to the declarations of Taxiclub.

After pleading guilty Dumitru agreed to pay the state $25 million in restitution, and to cooperate with the Prosecutor General in the investigation of Friedman.

Eugene Friedman has also agreed to pay $1 million until sentencing may 22, 2019 and to repay the remaining $4 million in installments.

«Today, «the taxi King» acknowledged that he built his Empire, robbing the people of new York, said underwood may 22 after a guilty plea of the former magnate. – Our office will continue to prosecute those who cheat the system.»

Found the media, Friedman, who owned about 800 taxi for a total amount of one billion dollars, was a former business partner of private counsel to trump , Michael Cohen.

“Taxi King” gets a better plea deal after raid on President Trump’s lawyer

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) May 29, 2018

«»King-cab» gets a better deal plea after the RAID on the lawyer of the President of trump».