California has banned travel to Oklahoma because of discrimination of the LGBT community

Xavier Bezerra, occupying the position of attorney General «Golden state», announced on 1 June on the introduction of the travel ban in the state of Oklahoma. It will affect travel, paid either regional or Federal budget. Such measures California has taken with respect to the «discriminatory act» of Oklahoma, limiting the rights of the LGBT community.

We are talking about the bill, which allows adoption agencies to refuse to provide services to same-sex couples. This law met with strong resistance from the representatives of the LGBT community. In their opinion, it testifies to infringement of human rights and the discriminatory policies of the leadership of the state.

#Oklahoma will be added to the list of restricted states for state-funded travel based on the discriminatory law that would allow private adoption agencies to refuse services to #LGBTQ person at work parents & foster children based on religious/moral grounds. #PrideMonth

— Xavier Becerra (@AGBecerra) June 1, 2018

The activists ‘ outrage was supported by California authorities who responded to the immediate restriction of travel to the region. Oklahoma became the ninth state in respect of which California introduced the so-called «Travel ban«. Among the regions, caught in the forbidden list, are: Kansas, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Mississippi. According to Governor Jerry brown, some of the laws of these States violate human rights.

«California will not use its resources to support States that adopt discriminatory laws. California taxpayers are opposed to bigotry and support those who would damage this biased policy,» said brown in 2017, creating a black list of such States.

The Governor of Oklahoma , Mary Fallin, in turn, deny the discriminatory character of the new law. According to her, it does not limit the rights of same-sex couples to adopt a child. Fallin also said that not upset the decision of the authorities of the «Golden state.»

«It seems that more and more Californians share our values, because we see that many of the inhabitants of this region move to Oklahoma. If the economy of our state will continue to develop in the current pace, we are not upset from the fact that a few Californians traveling at public expense, will not appear in Oklahoma,» said Faldin.