How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card?

Recently reported the results of drawing of Green Card 2019. Many who wish to obtain a residence permit in the US become a little closer to his dream, and those who are not lucky this time, the fall may apply to participate in the next annual lottery. (If the DV Lottery will not be canceled, as repeatedly promised by the current administration)

Of course, winning this competition is a matter of chance, but something that depends on the players who have to be among those 50 thousand lucky people, you should be very careful when registering for participation in the lottery. And more importantly after winning it.

Most of the errors committed through ignorance or carelessness, can result in delayed processing of your application, its rejection or even suspension.

At best, it means that your planning to move to USA will be delayed for a few months. Option worse – you have to wait next fall to once again participate in the lottery. That is, to move to the States you will be able not earlier than 2020. But it’s still better than a disqualification.

It is also worth mentioning that obtaining a green card based on DV-lottery consists of several stages:

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? Filing of application on participation in the lottery;

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? Win;

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? Filling out DS-260 and other forms;

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? The collection of documents;

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? Passing of medical examination;

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? An interview with a visa officer and an immigrant visa;

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? Entering the US and obtaining a green card.

You are determined to tempt fate and meet the mandatory requirements for participation in the raffle? Then imagine that you have already won. What rules should you follow to chance that not everyone in life is given, not accidentally slip out of your hands?

1. To fill the form DS-260 for each family member

Each member of the family (spouse and children under 21) with which you are planning to move to USA, immigration visa application form DS-260 must be completed separately. Info about new family members that you got after the filing of the application for participation in the lottery is required to specify, otherwise you disqualifiziert.

2. Providing the correct contact information in the United States

When filling out the same form DS-260 (at least, in the interview) you will need to supply a us address to which you send the green card after you make your entry to USA on immigration visa.

If you indicated that you live at this address, but before his arrival in the States found something else, then this should definitely inform the employee of border controls, which by the way, you should hand over a sealed envelope given to you after a successful interview.

3. Fill out all necessary forms

To see the entire list of forms here, sorted by filter Green Card-Based Forms. Of course, not every one is suitable for your situation, because green cards are issued not only to lottery winners.

But if you forget at least one of the necessary, the review process of your application may take from six months to several years.

Special attention is paid to recommend Certificate of financial support (I-134 Affidavit of Support), which can be a proof of your financial viability. This will be discussed in the next paragraph.

4. Not to get confused in the figures in the Certificate of financial support

The certificate of financial support is the obligation of the sponsor to provide financial support to the lottery winner and his family after they moved to the States.

To become a sponsor, you must meet certain requirements:

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? to be a citizen or have a residence in USA;

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? to have a sufficient level of income (generally at least 125% of the annual poverty level for the number of sponsored family members).

To know the minimum amount you need to earn for the maintenance of a certain number of persons can familiarize yourself with this user manual.

There are three tables: for residents of Hawaii, Alaska and all other States as well as Puerto Rico, the virgin Islands, GUAM and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Each table consists of three columns:

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? The sponsor’s Household Size (number of persons on the assurance of the sponsor);

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? the amount is identical to 100% of the annual poverty level (for sponsors serving in the U.S. Armed forces);

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card? the amount is identical to the 125% of poverty level (for all other sponsors).

Sponsor it is important to understand that when comparing his income with the minimum in the second and third column, you should consider your expected income for the current year, not the one that you have paid taxes last year.

How to avoid mistakes when participating in the lottery green Card?

Ilona Dzhamgarova is one of the best Russian-speaking immigration lawyers in America advises that when preparing for an interview remember:

In addition to taxes Your sponsor must provide a letter from work, copy of green card or us passport. Remember, the main thing to give for an interview diploma (certificate), birth certificate, marriage, if there were previous marriages, all of the certificate of divorce, military ID, for those who served in the army. Due to the lack of these documents, many are denied for an interview.

You should be careful and counting of the persons to be provided by the sponsor. Have you noticed that in the first column of the table are not listed figure 1? This is because your income the sponsor relies on himself too, so if he agrees to provide financial support to only one person, then this situation corresponds figure 2.

About the principles of counting we should not forget when filling out Form I-134, otherwise you will have to wait with moving to the States from two to four months.

N. B. If the income of your sponsor does not meet the expected performance, it may attract additional guarantor.

5. To sign all necessary forms

This may seem like a small thing, but many applicants do forget to sign each completed form in all necessary places. This mistake could cost you six extra months of waiting.

Please note that in some cases, a person wishing to obtain a green card, can be in forms such as the Complainant (applicant) or the recipient (beneficiary). At the same time, the person, undertaking to take on sponsorships, too, can be a Complainant (applicant) or the applicant (petitioner).

Some of it is confusing, leading to errors. And this, in turn, can cause the rejection of the application.

6. Translate all documents into English

After filling out the DS-260 and all accompanying forms, you proceed to the next stage – the collection of documents, including: birth certificate, marriage certificate or its dissolution, certificate, military ID, certificate of good conduct, proof of financial independence, etc.

A detailed list will be sent by e-mail for a few days (or even weeks) before your interview with a visa officer. Each of these documents must be translated into English. The translation must be certified.

Otherwise, you risk significantly delay processing of your application up to six months.

7. To provide only truthful information

Keep in mind that officers of the citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) to be trifled with: if when filling out forms or questionnaires you accidentally or deliberately confused the dates, I forgot about the important parts pointed out false information about previous convictions, etc., in the best case, the process will be delayed for six months, and in the worst way in the U.S. will be closed for you forever.

8. To make sure all paid

All who are preparing for immigration to the United States should be aware that it will cost «a pretty penny». You have to pay the visa fee for immigrant visa, obtaining a green card, the physical examination in specially accredited hospital.

If the amount you wish to send to the American government, is comparatively low, it is recommended to recheck whether all the expenses you took into account.

Undoubtedly, test will do myself the Service of citizenship and immigration, but after the fact. To notify you of necessary copayment and make a new payment, additional time is required. This means that you will lose the extra two to four months.

9. Prepare for an interview with a visa officer

This is the final stage before you get on a plane and fly to the United States. However, after the interview you may become clear that the flight will have to cancel. Answering the questions of the visa officer, it is essential that information does not stray from that which was specified in the questionnaires, forms and you have collected documents. Otherwise, you will not get an immigrant visa.

10. To meet the deadline

After a successful interview, you get an immigrant visa. It is issued for six months, and during this period, the applicant must enter the U.S. to get his green card. Otherwise, the visa will be cancelled.

By the way, since we are talking about the timing, for everyone who decided this year to try their luck in the lottery, there is a useful tip: do not submit your application in the first days after their admission.

The fact is that due to the large number of people wanting the server may be overloaded and give errors. For example, after completing the application, you will assign a personal confirmation number (Confirmation Number).

It’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, your application could be accepted in another. But know this at once is impossible. Re-filling out forms is a big risk, because if the previous request was accepted, the filing of a transcript will result in disqualification.