New York birth certificates will be a category X

Authorities have met transgender, agendered and bigendered new Yorkers, proposing to add a new category — «X» — in the birth certificate.

Parents whose children were born in the Big Apple are no longer required to indicate the gender of the newborn in a box. It is now possible to select a category «X», thanks to which the child, upon reaching adulthood, will be able to decide what kind of floor will be listed in its documents.

Thursday, June 7, Chairman of the city Council of new York Corey Johnson must submit a proposal to add a third item «X» under «gender» in the birth certificate of the child. Mayor bill de Blasio confirmed that changes will be made after the public hearing, which will be held at the end of the current month.

He stated that consideration of the proposal is confined to the Month of pride (Pride Month), during which special attention will focus on the successes and challenges of the LGBT community.

«Pride month is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come in the fight for equality, and reaffirm our commitment to protecting all new Yorkers from discrimination,» said de Blasio, adding that the law will help transgender people, bigenderism and agendered people to live with dignity and respect they deserve.

Dr. Mary T. Bassett, the Commissioner of health of new York, said: «Transgender new Yorkers, like everyone else, must have birth certificates that reflect their true gender identity.»

If the bill will come into force, then the Big Apple will be the fourth city that gives the right to choose category «X» in the birth certificate. California, Oregon and Washington have already made this change. It is worth noting that in Washington, the category «X» is also present in a driver’s license.