Immigrant kidnapped by Salvadoran guerrillas want to be deported from USA

Almost 30 years ago she was kidnapped by Salvadoran guerrillas — «guerillas» — and under threat of death, forced to cook food and wash clothes. Now she is going to be deported from the United States «for material support to the militants.»

This decision was made by one of the immigration courts of the United States (2 judges voted for and 1 against) in respect of a citizen of El Salvador, trying to stay in America.

According to court documents, in 1990, during the civil war in El Salvador, a woman kidnapped by the guerrillas. She was forced to cook, wash clothes. She saw her husband, a Sergeant in the Salvadoran army, dug his own grave before the execution.

However, the immigration court found the actions of the woman «material support of a terrorist organization» and thus deprived her of the right to asylum in the United States.

The trial was in 2004, but the decision was taken yesterday, June 6.

«Material support may be any, and that she was under duress, in accordance with the laws of the United States is not [grounds for] the exception,» said judge Roger Pauli.

Judge Linda Wendtlandwho voted against the deportation, criticized the decision of his colleagues. According to her, in the relevant statutory lists there are examples of «material support» to terrorists, such as the provision of housing, transport, money.

«Is it comparable to what this woman was there as a slave? If you go by this principle, that if you hold a glass of water the action is considered material support to terrorists», — said Wendtland.