A couple from Florida got $6.5 million after poisoning oysters in the restaurant

The court decided to pay $6.5 million for a married couple from Florida after a serious poisoning oysters in the restaurant. In men, it has caused the development of a rare disease, a life threatening paralysis.

According to court documents, in December 2013, angel Martinez and his wife, Maria Elena Martinez went to dinner at the restaurant of the Lobster Haven on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. In this restaurant, by the way, they visited repeatedly.

Couple ordered lobster and oysters. The next day the couple came down with symptoms of severe poisoning. And if Maria Martinez in a few days recovered, her husband spent about a week in intensive care.

The man was diagnosed with a rare and dangerous disease — Guillain—Barre, in which the immune system attacks the nerves of the spinal cord. For several months the victim was paralyzed from the waist down, he had to re-learn to walk.

Angel Martinez recovered, but it the rest of your life will experience periodic severe pain in the legs and back, doctors say.

In 2016 the insurance company was told to resolve the matter by paying a couple of $20 thousand compensation, but medical bills Martinez has already exceeded $325 thousand.

«The sum of $20 thousand was ridiculous, the restaurant was an insurance policy for a million that the family would accept as compensation. Now because of the greed of the insurance companies institution in General may fail,» said attorney Martinez Brandon Katie.

The owner of the restaurant declined to comment on the court decision.