In new Jersey have banned Smoking on beaches: revenues from fines are shared, and the controllers are not found

The previously announced bill to ban Smoking in beaches was successfully approved by the Legislature new Jersey. As expected, the restrictions will affect a large part of the public beaches. To meet bad habits will allocate special places and will allow Smoking in Parking lots for cars.

However, the present law, like its previous versions, meets a misunderstanding on the part of city authorities. Many politicians say that the bill’s authors repeat the old mistake: forgetting to define clearly responsible for compliance with this prohibition. In the present embodiment, the solution of this problem lies with the management of human settlements, however, this approach is inefficient, as practice shows.

At the same time, activists and a number of public figures indicate that the authors of the ban have paid much attention to the division of Finance, which will come from fines. The bill clearly defines the cases when the funds go to the state budget, and when I go to the accounts of local authorities. People are surprised by this approach of the leadership new Jersey. They do not understand why the financial part has been given due consideration, and the paragraph that significantly affect the effectiveness of the act, still raises many questions.

Some cities have introduced the position of special police officer, who needs to catch violators. So, for example, did the authorities of the city of long Branch. This is done in order not to detract from the work of rescuers. However, representatives of other settlements doubt the efficacy of such police officers. The fact that many of the beaches have the largest, and a special staff just a few people. People is not difficult to catch a moment to smoke a cigarette during the absence of «oversight».

For this reason, the initiative group of several cities offering to revise the draft law and clearly define responsibility for compliance with the prohibition service.