ICE can deport the courier delivering pizza on a military base in new York

The pizza man may be deported promptly after agents of Immigration and customs enforcement United States (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE) detained him during a delivery to a military base in new York.

An illegal immigrant, the 35-year-old Pablo Villavicencio from Ecuador, last week, arrived at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn to deliver a pizza from a restaurant in Queens. He showed the guard his ID as a new Yorker, but this time it all went wrong, as usual. An employee of the military base said that this was not enough and asked to show ID, recognized by the Ministry of defence. The courier reported that he had no such document and have agreed to verify their data.

As a result, the guard found out that Pablo was in the country illegally, so called the ICE agents who arrested the illegal alien.

«He did his job, he did not commit the crime, — told reporters his wife, American Sandra Chica. – He didn’t do anything illegal, it only worked for the sake of their two daughters.»

According to the woman, he could be deported to Ecuador next week. Yesterday, June 7, she was asked to bring a suitcase with clothes of her husband and his passport, to pass the man Ecuadorian authorities next Monday.

Sandra also noted that in February of this year, the spouse who came to the United States in 2010, filed a petition to receive a green card. They have two little girls who were born in the United States.

To protect Pablo became a human rights activists and even the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo, who yesterday ordered to provide illegal lawyer. According to a senior official, he spoke with the wife of a detainee and expressed «deep regret» in connection with the existing threat to immigrant families of new York by the Federal government.

We demand Pablo Villavicencio Calderón»s immediate release. Delivering a pizza is not a threat to public safety. The ultimate city of immigrants stands ready to provide him and his family with any assistance we can.

— Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) June 7, 2018

«We demand the immediate release of Pablo Villavicencio Calderon. The pizza guy is not a threat to public safety. The main city of immigrants ready to provide him and his family any assistance in our power.»

The press Secretary informed the ICE that the statement of the man for a green card has nothing to do with his deportation. The immigration judge ordered Pablo to leave the country in 2010 after his visa was expired, said in a statement the immigration service.

Now it has an active arrest warrantand is considered a fugitive, said the representative of ICE.

In the city hall reminded that Federal law enforcement or immigration authorities do not have the right to find out personal information about the owner ID of new York without the permission of the city administration.