New York intends to provide low-income MetroCard at a minimum price

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio gave his consent to the implementation of the «Fair fares» (Fares Fair), which includes the introduction of discounts for MetroCard for people with low income.

Sources told CBS2 that the mayor, who was initially against the initiative, and the city Council, an agreement was reached in this matter.

According to Politico and the New York Times, a program that will benefit the 800 million inhabitants of new York, will cost $106 million.

To qualify for discounts, a new Yorker must be a member of a family of four whose income amounts to less than $25 thousand a year. If the person lives alone and wants to buy a MetroCard at a reduced price, they must earn annually less than $12 thousand. Thanks to the new rates, members can save more than $700.

The initiator of the idea, the speaker of the city Council Corey Johnson, reported that he discussed this issue with the mayor several times a day and that de Blasio is optimistic.

But, according to the reporter , grace Rau, at the moment, the city authorities want to run the program as an experiment. The city Council will have 6 months to prove that new Yorkers with low incomes do use MetroCards.

Some of the residents of the Big Apple with a grain of salt considering the long term.

«To help poor people to get to work or school is an important point. If all goes to this, — well, — said new Yorker Tom Connor. The problem is that I just him (mayor de Blasio — approx. don’t trust».

According to CBS2, new MetroCards can be available in January.