A resident of Connecticut seized more than $100 million because it got a plate of pasta

Compensation in $103 thousand will get the decision of the court of Constance Culmi of Woodbury (state of Connecticut), suffered from… plates of pasta.

As follows from case materials, in March 2015 Constance quietly had dinner at one of the restaurants Aquilla, suddenly it launched a plate of pasta. The visitor of an institution — James Sweeney (the former lawyer) from new Jersey- was aiming at the other person with whom he was in conflict, but missed and went straight into woman.

According to the victim, spicy sauce obog her eyes, she fell and hit her head. James Sweeney admitted that left the pasta, but denied causing injury to Constance. Criminal charges brought against him were not.

After the court session, attorney Sweeney has refused to provide any comments.

We will remind, in Florida the court decided to pay $6.5 million for a married couple poisoned by oysters at the restaurant. Men are due to poisoning had developed a rare disease, which can result in lifelong paralysis.