The head of the Mexican drug cartel, nicknamed «Barbie» sentenced to 50 years in an American prison

A native of Texas, one of the leaders of a drug cartel «Beltran Leyva» and the criminal organization «Los Negros», nicknamed «Barbie», 44-year-old Edgar Valdez Villareal was sentenced to 50 years in Federal prison the United States.

For Villareal, who received his nickname for bright eyes and complexion, also imposed a fine of $192 million.

The leader of a drug cartel accused in the production, purchase, storage, transportation and distribution of multiple tons of cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana from Mexico to the Eastern United States, as well as the transportation of millions of dollars in cash in the opposite direction.

In 2010 in Mexico, «Barbie» was arrested, and in September 2015 extradited to the States along with 12 suspects for prosecution.

According to the state Department, Villareal was the chief confidant of the head of the organization Arturo Beltran Leyva and an assassin.

Villareal is also known by the nicknames «Commander» and «hero».