In new York city will ban food containers made from foam plastic

Last Friday, June 8, judge Margaret Chan dismissed the appeal of the lobby group, catering business and manufacturers, while endorsing a ban on the use of Styrofoam containers in new York. According to her, to find ways of recycling disposable containers, which would be simultaneously economically sound and environmentally effective, it is impossible.

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio said that the government will make every effort to ban, aimed at protecting the environment and waste disposal in the city, as soon as possible came into force.

The fight against disposable containers started former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, calling to ban Styrofoam products five years ago. He assumed that food containers made of polystyrene, can be recycled, if they are not the product of pre-processing. But the containers are secondary raw materials, should therefore be prohibited.

Offer for so long was pending, because the producers of polystyrene fought against the ban put forward by the city. They called the head of the health services Kathryn Garcia to conduct two separate studies. Their results are eventually confirmed the correctness of Bloomberg.

The ban of disposable tableware is another step to a reasonable consumption to which we aspire in the Big Apple. Earlier in new York city proposed to ban the use and sale of plastic pipes in public places and street foods and plastic bags.