In California, ICE agents have arrested permanent resident

The brother and sister of Los Angeles call for Immigration and customs police (ICE) to release their father, whom the agents arrested, in spite of its legal juridical status.

According to his family, on Sunday morning, 62-year-old Jose Luis Garcia drinking coffee in the yard of his house, when there came ICE agents and arrested him.

As told by his daughter, Natalie Garcia, she felt truly helpless, seeing his father in handcuffs. «I asked for a warrant, but they didn’t have it. They said it was because of the offense, but not even the criminal, and administrative, which occurred almost 20 years ago,» says Natalie.

In 2001 Luis Garcia was held in the case of domestic violence, but since that time it has never been summoned to court and not filed any charges. The family was sure that the case is dead. «He’s a taxpayer, a homeowner, he worked at the same job for over 35 years,» adds Natalie.

Jose Luis Garcia moved to the United States from Mexico nearly 50 years ago as a teenager. In the 80s he obtained legal permanent resident status in accordance with the immigration reform the administration of President Reagan. A law passed in 1986, was granted the status of permanent residency to illegal immigrants who entered the country before 1982, provided that they were not guilty of any crimes.

The family said that they turned to immigration attorney, as well as the American civil liberties Union.

We will remind, in February, ICE arrested a chemistry Professor living in the US for 31 years.