USCIS threatens the deprivation of citizenship to thousands of immigrants

Working to identify immigrants who lied or policyfellowship information during the naturalization process, is service of the citizenship and US immigration services(USCIS) Herculean effort, said its head Lee Francis Cessna.

USCIS is digitizing thousands of fingerprints, taken decades ago, and compares them with the fingerprints of immigrants who received citizenship recently or willing to get it now. This is done in order to determine whether these people previously deported and not filed, going through the naturalization process, false information about themselves. Some could get citizenship under a different name.

If it turns out that the fingerprints of deported once face same prints once again came to the United States, the case is passed to the newly established special investigation unit in Los Angeles. From there it will go to Federal court, and the offender, concealing information or providing false information about yourself can be deprived of citizenship and deported from the United States.

«People who reported false information about himself, deliberately lied. It may take some time before we get to them, but it will happen,» said Cessna.

According to the latest data USCIS is being questioned 2 536 cases of naturalization, 95 cases to the Ministry of justice (U.S. Department of Justice).

Note that to deprive a person of citizenship can only be Federal court, not USCIS.

We give a hypothetical example ofhow this works. For example, a citizen of the Philippines came to the United States on a work visa in the 1980-ies and left to live in the country on expired visas. She was arrested and deported. After some time she married an American and deliberately concealing information about previous deportations, became a citizen of the United States. And now, 20-30 years later, after digitizing her fingerprints all over it, the lie was revealed — and now the woman is threatened with cancellation of citizenship — the denaturalization.

We will remind, recently the ICE in California was arrested permanent resident of the United States.