In new York, ICE has arrested a father of 2 children during an interview for a green card

Dozens of new York immigrants from Asia came out yesterday, June 18, to the streets, calling on the government to release the resident Queens. Detained immigration police, 39-year-old Xu Qin Yu, who has lived in the United States for almost 20 years, may be deported to China.

As told to the relatives of the arrested, Xu Qin Yu came to America in 2000 to seek refuge from religious persecution. He married a U.S. citizen and now with her owns a nail salon in Connecticut. The couple has 2 small children. In 2002, Xu Qin Yu received the order to leave the country, but the man stayed and filed an application to receive a green card.

In late may, Xu Qin Yu came to the interview, where he was arrested by agents of Immigration and customs enforcement (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE). According to the wife of the detainee, their children still do not know the truth. «Sometimes I say daddy will be back soon. Sometimes he now works in another place,» says the wailing woman.

In defense of Chinese immigrants has made the speaker of the city Council of new York Corey Johnson.

«The story of Mr. Yu is the sad part of the current American trends, when people are simply trying to achieve a better life in the United States are behind bars. We need to fight it. These arrests not only hurting the families of the detainees, but also to all Americans who care about decency and justice,» said Johnson.

According to the lawyers, the detention of people for «green-chertovskih» interviews is becoming a frightening trend. «It’s not like it was before. Now it is not uncommon,» says a lawyer from the legal aid Society (Legal Aid Society) Redmond Hoskins.

And recently, ICE detained illegal immigrant from Ecuador during a pizza delivery on a military base in new York.