10 States has sued Donald trump for the separation of immigrant families

Human rights organizations, the management of several regions and the attorney-General, were United in the struggle against the policy of separation of families, which until recently held the leadership of the United States. In total 10 States had filed a lawsuit against actions of the President. According to representatives of these regions, a decree that trump signed yesterday, does not solve the current problem, since it does not specify when immigrants return to their children.

The group, which plans to file a class action lawsuit, headed by U.S. attorney General Bob Ferguson. This process is also going to join leading attorneys of Maryland and Massachusetts.

«It is a cruel and unconstitutional policies. We’re going to stop this» — said in his speech, the attorney-General.

In the filed lawsuit States that the policy of separation of families violates the rights of parents and their children, and is discriminatory against immigrants. In addition, a group of plaintiffs in favour of the extension signed on 20 June decree prohibiting the separation of children from parents, illegal immigrants. Ferguson noted that the disposal should be clearly stated, in terms of what the government undertakes to reunite the family.

In turn, representatives of the state of new York announced the decision to file a separate lawsuit. Its content is currently unknown, but it is already clear that the claim will be based on a policy of «zero tolerance». While Barbara underwood, the incumbent attorney General of new York, does not deny the possibility of joining the class action. «The Empire state» is one of the main opposition of the current administration of the White house. His authorities regularly challenge the decisions of Donald trump.

Recall that recently, more than 2 thousand children were separated from their parents, who illegally crossed the U.S. border. This happened for the reason that the us government announced the prosecution of everyone who entered the country illegally.