In Florida, a man received a life sentence for stealing $4

27-year-old Erron Coleman, along with his accomplice Devonte the Hanford, was arrested three years ago. Criminals charged with armed robbery in riverside, July 22, 2015. Then their prey were $4, they found his victim. At first glance it may seem that this is an ordinary case, if not for one thing: for such a small money they took away the life of 20-year-old guy.

The story begins in 2015, when Daniel Rowe interned in a cafe Blind Rabbit. He got a job there as a cook, because he knew how to cook and loved to please close delicious. However, one of these days he was not destined to return from work.

Coming from Blind Rabbit, Daniel headed towards the house and just a minute later met with Coleman and Handford. The attackers tried to Rob the guy, and didn’t believe that he had no money. They shot twice row in the back and grabbed the victim’s purse. When the criminals opened it, he found that only $4, which became their prey.

From family first about the tragedy of a learned father of the young man. He worked across the street from his son and was at the scene a few minutes later. Steven Rowe admitted that he had never felt so helpless. The man saw his son die and there was nothing I could do. Arrived on the scene, the paramedics twice returned to the life of Daniel, but in the hospital the guy died, without regaining consciousness.

The victim’s family still does not have a full picture of what happened. Criminals and could not really explain why they took the life of an unarmed man who offered no resistance. Over the past 3 years the boy’s parents visited nearly 50 trials, while there was the case of Coleman and Handford.

Protection of the accused tried to present their repentant people. However, the judge did not believe in the good intentions of criminals who already had a police record. Devote the Hanford awarded 20 years in prison. The Herron Coleman, the man who pulled the trigger, were sent to prison for life. Besides, he has no right to apply for parole.

Relatives of the deceased said that on hearing the verdict, they have not experienced relief, because their son did not return. But 3 years ago, the family has promised Daniel that will achieve justice and now the mission is accomplished.