Of teenagers laughing over the drowning person will not be judged

Five teenagers from Floridawho laughed at the drowning man and filmed his death on the phones, will not prosecute. This was stated on 22 June the state’s attorney Phil Archer.

According to the Prosecutor, any law of Florida does not require a person to help another in an emergency situation, and therefore, violations of criminal law, in fact, no. The bill was submitted for consideration in the state Senate in 2018, but not accepted it.

The death of 31-year-old James Dunn caused a wide resonance after the Internet appeared the video with This sinking. In the video, hear the teenagers laughing.

We will remind, incident happened on July 9, 2017 in the town of Coco. Police called pictures of the death of James Dunn’s «heartless»: the drowning man cried out for help.

Dunn’s body was found only after 3 days, July 12. Initially the police said that we can present teenagers charged with «abandonment of person in danger.»