Republicans are preparing a bill which will allow to detain immigrant children for more than 20 days

The White house on June 23 announced the preparation of a bill to repeal the so-called rules of Flores. According to this Directive, Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) has no right to detain migrant minors longer than 20 days. After this period, children should be released to parents or guardians.

To cancel the legislative solution they want due to the fact that it contradicts the signed trump 20 June decree, which prohibits to divide when the arrest of a family of illegal immigrants. The result was a legal conflict: the children still have to leave parents.

If it is considered illegal by the judiciary for more than 20 days, the minor, in accordance with pavilon Flores, by this time must be released, and their parents aren’t. As a result, the ICE officers are forced to pick up the kids, leaving adults under arrest.

Director of White house legislative Affairs mark Scott said that bill is working on his team, will document the narrow steps. Its main task is to eliminate the conflict of legal orders and to resolve all outstanding matters in connection with the presidential decree of 20 June. Republicans hope that this decision will support the members of the Democratic party.

We will remind, on June, 21st the House of representatives failed to vote on the immigration billfiled by Bob Goodlatte. The experts are conventionally designated it the hard version of the draft law on migration. The vote on the second, a compromiseversion of the document was postponedin order to gather votes in support of it.

The President of the United States has repeatedly accused Democrats of inaction and unwillingness to seek solutions in relation to the immigration crisis.