The court decided within 30 days to return separated children of illegal immigrants

The district court of California decided for 30 days to reunite the divided on the border of the children of illegal immigrants with their parents.

This is the first specific period, which was generally voiced regarding this problem. Still the power was limited to a very streamlined, lengthy statements.

According to the judge This Sabro, children under 5 years of age must return to the family no later than 14 days after the entry into force of the judgment. In addition, the authorities within 10 days, provide parents the opportunity to talk to the kids on the phone.

According to preliminary information, the last time more than 2 thousand children were separated from their families.

Amid widespread protests against such policies, including by the international community, President Donald trump issued a decree to stop the separation of families. According to the decree, parents are illegals and their children will be kept together.

The decision of the California court was the result of the lawsuit that in March this year filed the American civil liberties Union (American Civil Liberties Union — ACLU).

However, lawyers argue that it would be difficult to monitor the implementation of judicial decisions by the immigration authorities. So, in Texas, lawyers for the immigrants complained that the phone number that was given power for more information about children all the time busy or not responding.

Of the 200 immigrants detained at the remand prison of Port Isabel, few know where their children are.

«The U.S. government never had a plan to reunite these families,» said a lawyer from Legal Aid Justice Center in Virginia, Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg.