The man tried to bribe officer ICE to deport the wife and her daughter in El Salvador

A man from Portland (Oregon) is accused of attempted bribery of a member of the Immigration and customs enforcement (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE) to facilitate deportation of his wife, with whom they live separately, and her daughters out of the country.

According to prosecutors, Oregon, 48-year-old Antonio Oswaldo Burgos tried three times to bribe the officer. According to court documents, on may 31, the man promised the officer expulsion $3 thousand on 5 June, the accused repeated his offer. The next day he paid the ICE officer $2 million and promised to pay an additional $2 thousand

In the Federal court of Burgos pleaded not guilty. The two-day hearing on the case should begin on August 28.

Although the exact motive is not clear, according to court documents, the wife of Burgos living separately, 10 days before his first contact with the ICE officer, may 21, filed for divorce.

Friends of Burgos admitted to reporters KATU that they were shocked after learning about the charges. According to them, the man is a legal citizen of the United States. He met his future wife, which at that time already had a daughter, in El Salvador a few years ago.

According to court documents, the couple got married in 2015.

The immigration police is lately taking the attention of the public and journalists in connection with a large number of arrests of illegal immigrants. For example, recently in new York, ICE agents arrested a father of 2 children during an interview for a green card. Another immigrant was detained during a pizza delivery on a military base in new York.