Contrary to the court order, the US authorities will return only 34 of the 102 child, to the parents of illegal immigrants

Representatives of the Ministry of justice July 10, stated that they are planning in the coming hours earlier to reunite the divided families of illegal immigrants. A total of 34 children are returned to their parents. All children aged up to 5 years.

They were separated from their relatives at the us-Mexican border, after Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) began to make criminal charges against illegal immigrants.

Previously, the Federal court issued a decree, according to which children under 5 years should be returned to their parents by 10 July. However, representatives of the Ministry of justice has said that to comply with this requirement impossible. In total, under the decree adjudged 102 children. However, only in 75 cases, parents can apply for reunification, and even with them there are difficulties.

According to employees of the Ministry of justice, some of the parents have not completed identity checks, others have a criminal record. In some cases there are other reasons that prevent the return of their children. Officials said that in addition to the 34 familythat will be reunited on Tuesday, July 10, authorities in the near future will return more 16 kids to their parents.

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The rest of the family will have to wait its turn and end checks. According to representatives of the Ministry of justice, they are trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, but in each of the cases has to be done a certain procedure. Officials fear for the safety of the children and don’t want them to fall into the hands of unreliable parents.

At the same time, the authorities need to reunite more than 3 thousand families to July 26. Experts believe that to accomplish this task in time officials will fail. Human rights organizations and lawyers for the parents of illegal immigrants declare that the Federal government does not comply with a court order and must therefore incur the punishment for their actions. Lawyers say that the US authorities themselves initiated the procedure for the Department of children, under the policy of «zero tolerance» and therefore should be responsible for this situation.