The driver of the trump is suing him for 25 years of unpaid overtime

Donald trump did not pay his driver 3.3 thousand hours of overtime, say lawyers Noel Cintron, who for 25 years worked for current United States President. In addition, according to Cintron, the employer forced him to abandon monetary compensation on health.

The head of state has 20 days to respond to the lawsuit.

The publication Newsweek has published some data on cash payments the former driver of the trump. As reported by Cintron in 2003, his salary was $62.7 thousand. In November 2006, the payments increased to $68 thousand and $7 thousand in December 2010. However, forced abandonment of the driver from payments on health annually saved Trump over 18 thousand

This is not the first lawsuit against the President of the United States. About a month ago the attorney General of new York Barbara underwood sued the charitable Foundation Donald Trapm, accusing him of illegal activities, including sponsoring pre-election program of the incumbent President.

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And at the end of June at trump sued 10 U.S. States for the division of the families of illegal immigrants.