The NRA will no longer inform tax on their benefactors

Now the national rifle Association of the USA (National Rifle Association of America — NRA) and several other non-profit organizations are not required to provide the Tax Internal Revenue service ( IRS) information about persons who donate them money.

The U.S. Treasury Department made this decision for several reasons. First, beneficiaries of public organisations want their personal information kept confidential. Because many of these structures are inherently political. Accordingly faces, endowing them with the means to pursue their interests that don’t want to demonstrate to a wide audience. Second, before publication on the Ministry’s website this information must be confirmed and edited. In the end the time and effort required to check data that are often unreliable, reduce the feasibility of their collection.

Along with the NRA from releasing information about donors released as «Americans for prosperity» (Americans for Prosperity) and the national Association for the advancement of colored people (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People — NAACP).

The tax office has not yet commented on the decision of the Ministry of Finance, politicians have expressed their approval. Experts have put its legitimacy into question, in particular because organizations have extensive opportunities for the illegal financing of NGOs from abroad.

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Previously, all non-profit organizations were required to provide the Tax office with full information about donors, which generated more than $5 millionthat allowed the state to effectively control the actions of the organizations. However, the latter is still obliged to store data about persons and companies, their financing, so many have called the promised Ministry of Finance confidentiality of donations profanity.

In March of this year it was reported that the IRS will return to Americans of $ 1.1 billion.