Chicago residents can receive $500 for program UBI

Member of the city of Chicago Ameya Pavard submitted a bill on monthly payment of $500 more than 1 thousand families. This initiative was supported by a majority of the members of the city Council. The case for small — to agree on the terms and conditions of payments with mayor Rahm Emanuel, writes FoxNews.

Pavard said that today, many American families do not have the opportunity to make savings for a rainy day, barely making ends meet.

My legislation calling for the creation of a Chicago #UniversalBasicIncome pilot has 36 co-sponsors! On to the Commitee on Workforce Development and Audit. Committee chair @40thWard is also a sponsor. More soon! #UBI

— Ameya Pawar (@Ameya_Pawar_IL) June 27, 2018

Thanks to the program unconditional basic income (Unconditional Basic Income — UBI), some residents of Chicago some time will receive from the state assistance in the amount of $500. In addition, the program provides for the payment of income tax of its participants, which will also improve their financial position.

Today, about 70% of Americans are unable to defer a portion of their earnings for a «rainy day,» writes FoxNews, so 60% of respondents support the UBI program. It helps the poor find a way out of difficult situations and becomes a good help for College graduates during job search.

Program unconditional basic income works in many countries around the world and supported by well-known businessmen-philanthropists, such as mark Zuckerberg. Recently, the project UBI started in Stockton (CA).