Americans can legally produce weapons on 3D printers from 1 August

The group advocates for gun ownership reached an agreement with the U.S. government. From 1 August the Americans will be allowed to publish online scheme print weapons on 3D printers.

The story began in 2013 when a Cody Wilson, who calls himself «postlevel anarchist», first posted on the network to print a gun on a 3D printer. Sam Wilson called his product «the Liberator», but later these guns were called «Ghosts»: they have no serial number and therefore cannot be tracked.

The state Department then ordered Wilson and his group Defense Distributed to remove the scheme as violating the Rules of the international arms trade. According to officials, someone in another country (where the US did not sell weapons) could download the map and make your own gun. Wilson removed the scheme, but warned that they have been downloaded a million times, and in 2015 took the government to court .

After 3 years of litigation, the government decided to conclude the agreement.

It reads: Defense Distributed personally and Wilson can publish the scheme and are exempt from export restrictions. In addition, the government agreed to pay nearly $40 thousand legal fees.

«We asked for the moon — in the belief that the government will not go for this deal, but they didn’t want to sue next,» said lawyer Alan Gottlieb, representing the interests of Cody Wilson.

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Representatives of organizations advocating for tougher gun control, have already expressed their outrage.

«We are shocked and disappointed that the trump has gone to this agreement», — said the co-chair of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Avery Gardiner, expressing concern about the fact that now the terrorists will be much easier to get a gun.

«Yes, high-performance 3D printers for most people still too expensive. But this does not diminish the scale of the problem. They are a well-organized criminal gangs. And not only in the United States. It is not that other, as a threat to national security,» said Gardiner.