Russian immigrants, organized in new York, a network of luxury prostitution

As reported on Wednesday the Prosecutor’s office in Manhattan, July 11, was arrested three Russians. They are charged with pimping and the organization network of sex work which was created web-site «Russian Dolls«.

The defendants — Mr. Bashkatov and wife: a 29-year-old Ksenia Hodukina and 29-year-old Eugene Rozanov. The couple has two children, who at the time of their arrest were visiting my grandparents.

Russian immigrants, organized in new York, a network of luxury prostitutionKsenia Hodukina, photo from Facebook

As reported by Deputy district attorney James Lynch, husband and wife for the past three years (2015-2018) recruited future sex workers in Russia and then transported them to new York. In Brooklyn for the girls rented housing. Also for their work throughout the city were booked rooms in hotels and hired drivers. The organizers shared the proceeds from which kept a certain percentage with their workers. Network management, presumably, the spouses carried out remotely — from their Florida apartment, which is now seized.

Hodukina and Rezanova police arrested in Miami, and then taken to Manhattan, where they appeared before judge Melissa Jackson. None of the accused pleaded not guilty. In the first hearing for Hodokenai a bond of $ 50,000 for her husband of $100,000. Lawyer arrested Boris Nektalov asked the court to release them without assigning bail, citing the presence of the couple two young children.

Spouses are forbidden to leave the US and relocate. If they prove their guilt – a couple can receive up to 10 years in prison.

Authorities began to investigate the activities of the Russian Dolls after police arrested two sex workers who reported that they of this «organization».

Ksenia Hodukina is a native of Chelyabinsk. After moving to the U.S., she first lived in new York, then moved to Florida, where he opened a beauty salon «Beauty by Ksenia». Eugene Rozanov, according to his lawyer, working as a freelance web developer in Google.

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