Children crying: a courier of an illegal immigrant, who wanted to deport, was returned to the family (video)

The judge ordered the immediate release of the detained illegal immigrant from Ecuador, calling it a «model citizen».

As reported by the Washington Post, the officer of the court clearly questioned the intention of the US government to immediately deport the 35-year-old Pablo Villavicencio Calderon, who was arrested by the Immigration and customs enforcement of the United States (U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE) during a pizza delivery on a military base Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn.

[email protected] An emotional welcome home for Pablo Villavicencio who had been detained since June 1 and feared deportation. He’s spending his first full day of freedom with his family

— Jodi Goldberg (@JodiGFox5NY) July 25, 2018

Ecuadorian living for about 10 years in the United States, was arrested June 1 after immigration officials found out that he had no ID recognized by the Ministry of defence. Despite the fact that the man was in the process of obtaining a residence permit and he has 2 daughters, born in America, ICE was threatening to expel him from the country. This story immediately became the center of public discussion, so many human rights activists expressed their critical or approving statements about this.

However, the final decision remained with the judge. Yesterday, 24 July, district judge Paul Crotti decided that Pablo can stay in the United States until he exhausted his right to receive legal status.

«He has no criminal history, explained its decision by Crotti. – He paid taxes and worked hard for the good of the family.»

The judge also questioned the need for the deportation of an immigrant to Ecuador, where he could wait for the decision on obtaining a green card because they do not consider that it would be in the interests of justice.

«Why do we want to execute this decision? It is irrelevant to the more important issues facing the country,» said Crotti.

After the hearing around 9 PM, Pablo was released from the immigration detention center.

«Thank God, the judge made a very fair and correct decision», – the man told reporters.

After one for the whole family test Pablo finally returned to his home in Hempstead.

Pablo Villavicencio, also known as #PizzaGuy is released from a Hudson County jail following a ruling by a federal court judge granting him the right to obtain a waiver to kill his 2010 deportation order.

— Joe Marino (@joemarino_) July 25, 2018

«I love this country, I love this city, I love new York… This is the best country in the world, but this administration.. I don’t know what happened,» he said in return.

«The order of release Pablo Villavicencio of detention in a Federal prison is a victory for new Yorkers and for basic human rights, but this must not happen again», – commented the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo.