62-year-old man called the police and he was arrested for evading court in 1989

The other day the police arrived on call in one of the houses in Detroit (state of Michigan)… and arrested the applicant.

The fact that when the officers began to check the ID of the owner of the house Chris Klein, revealed that he is wanted for failing to appear in court in 1989. After a moment, 62-year-old Klein was taken into custody.

«You have to admit that this is stupid, the officer says in the video that she filmed, the daughter of a detainee, Trilon Wright. — The case of 29-year-old».

According to Maria Miller — the press Secretary of the County Prosecutor’s office Wayne, the man shied away from the hearing of the car theft and fraud. Why for so many years he was not able to find and arrest the unknown.

«Mr. Klein has open criminal cases, so he needs to stand trial, that he was the appointed date of new trials,» — said the representative of the district attorney’s office.

The daughter of Chris Klein told me that her father cannot walk because of a serious accident, which came 2 years ago. She fears that, if he is in prison, the authorities will not be able to provide him with adequate medical care.

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62-year-old man called the police and he was arrested for evading court in 1989

By the way, commentators in social networks are divided. Some believe that the law is the law, others write that the police found «easy prey» when there are more important things to do.

«The Detroit police Department with nothing to do? asks Dahlia to the fountain. — Many murders or missing persons?»