The official, regularly sprawley need on the football field, resigned

Head Kenilworth school district (NJ), accused of repeatedly defecating on the football field and treadmill Holmdel High School, resigned.

Recall, the 42-year-old Thomas Tramoline, who headed the school district in 2015, was arrested in late April. The man was charged with «zagazhivanii» school grounds of the neighboring districts.

Police said Holmdel, informed the school staff complained to human excrement, which every day found on the football field or next to it. The management of the institution decided to install video surveillance «scene». Early on the morning of 30 April, the school staff noticed Tramline running in the area. They called the police, the man was detained.

The officer was charged with indecent exposure, public defecation and pollution of public places. The detainee pleaded not guilty. Although the police, «watching» for the track, has reason to believe that the offender — that Tramline.

@Gidi_Traffic Police hunting a suspect who relieved himself on school grounds «on a daily basis» in New Jersey have arrested a top education official.Kenilworth school superintendent Thomas Tramaglini,42,was detained after investigators set up a sting «mystery pooper» operation

— AustynZOGS (@Austynzogs) May 5, 2018

A few days after the arrest of the official Committee of education of Kenilworth announced on his page in Facebook that Tramline took a vacation. «Given the nature of these charges, he asked for and got a paid vacation,» — said in the message.

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Earlier today, we learned of municipal court charges facing our current superintendent of schools in Holmdel, NJ. Given…

Posted by Kenilworth Public Schools on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

However, on 26 July, 3 months after the arraignment, the school Board of Kenilworth has accepted the resignation of Tramline. The official statement said that finding him in the post of head of the school district «is very distracting their attention from their main mission.»

Lawyer Tramoline Matthew Adams stated that the man continues to struggle and that his resignation should not «be construed as an admission of guilt.» Also, according to the lawyer, his client «does not want the current and following legal proceedings not related to his official duties in the district, distracted teachers and district administrators from the important work they do — from teaching children.»

The next hearing in the case Tramline scheduled for August 13.