Rusa LGBT wants to sue the activist Shahar Malka for a call to violence

The co-President of Rusa LGBT and founder of Brighton-beach-Pride Alexey Gorshkov intends to deal in court with a public figure and former candidate for the Assembly of new York from the Republican party by Shahar Malka for her racist remarks and call to violence.

The conflict between Gorshkov and Shahar began on 13 July on channel RTVi during the discussion on «Social assistance to the poor: good or evil?». According to head of Rusa LGBT, his opponent allowed himself then rude racist comments about African Americans. The human rights defender presented the case to the court of the public Internet. 28 July, 2 weeks after the publication of the post, supporters of Shahar Malka started to leave him comments with threats.

The next day, Shahar published a post in which he accused the head of Rusa LGBT in the «hunt» on it. Following this post on the policy page began to appear, according to Gorshkov, offensive, homophobic posts. And in one of the review Shahar just wrote that she has well-armed friends among «friends».

Guys!Thank you for all your support! It’s very annoying and complicated.Today, Malka claims that the “gay community” has…

Posted by Lyosha Gorshkov on Monday, July 30, 2018

The head of the LGBT community has promised that they will not let the situation slide. He and his organization are preparing a statement to the police.

«I am consulting with lawyers to find ways to legally stop it, because it is not just hate speech and call to violence, disclosed private information of others, public insults etc.», — said Alexei Gorshkov.

On his page in Facebook Shahar wrote that «suffered terror from the gay community» for Pro-government position. Also, according to her, Alexey Gorshkov «was kicked out of his organization» 2 representatives who supported trump and her personally.

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Friends. Two guys, despite the attacks of Alexei Gorshkov, ( which he was immediately kicked out of your organization after that) exalted…

Posted by Shahar Malka on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

For his part, the head of Rusa LGBT assured that blocked Facebook only one person — Tom Kovalev, who called LGBT immigrants and supporters of the liberal «domestic terrorists» and used Nazi language. However, he can continue to attend events of the organization, since they have no membership and has a policy of «open doors».

The human rights group «Rainbow America» shared with the of the information they managed to collect about Malka Shahar.

  • Malka Shahar was born and raised in Dagestan, studied at the local University. In 2000, I stood in deputies of Boksitogorsk (a small town in Leningrad region).
  • In 2004, arriving in the United States on a tourist visa, Shahar asked for political asylum as a persecuted «people of Putin», but was refused. Eventually in 2010, she received a green card.
  • In November 2016 Malka Shahar was running for the Assembly in new York, but was not elected. Calls himself a political strategist. In an interview, said that to help people is her «religion, strategic road» by which she walks, «despite the many obstacles.»