After tougher laws, Florida residents handed over 200 weapons

After the tightening of authorities Florida rules of firearms possession of 450 inhabitants of the state, recognized by the court is unreliable, he received orders to surrender it. Governor of Florida Rick Scott signed the law after 3 weeks after after the tragedy in her Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which occurred on February 14.

For the duration of the new law were seized about 200 units of firearms and more than 30 thousand rounds. In many cases the confiscation took place with the litigation and the resistance of gun owners.

The first incident was connected with the seizure of the semiautomatic AR-15 rifle veteran military service of the United States. The confiscation of the rifle the owner had resisted, like many others, to whom the new law were ordered to part with personal weapons. Anyway, so far all the seizures took place without casualties.

In addition to the confiscation of firearms from potentially dangerous to themselves and society of citizens were introduced the age limit on its purchase. Now in Florida guns sold only to persons over 21 years, and to purchase only 3 days after ordering. The latter condition is most likely due to the fact that many decide to get a barrel heat of the moment, so they are given time to think.

We will remind, Nicolas Cruz, killing 17 people in school in Parkland, was 19. All in all, the United States only in 2018, the police recorded 18 incidents with firearms.