Distribution schemes for 3D printing of weapons in the United States is again under question

Yesterday, July 31, in Seattle (state of Washington) district judge Robert Lasnik suspended permission for online distribution schemes for 3D printing firearms.

We will remind, in June the company Defense Distributed (Austin, state of Texas) has reached an agreement with the government about the possibility of Internet sales schemes for the printing of weapons. And July 20 8 Democrats filed in the District court of Western Washington 2 claims. The first was at least to suspend the ability to download the weapon’s schematics in the Internet. Other suits were more categorical: they demanded to recognize the weapons produced with the help of 3D printers, threat altogether deny.

Meanwhile in the U.S. Congress, the senators urged the President not to ban 3D weapons and the proliferation of schemes print. Trump replied, «watch this.» Such reaction of the head of state says that he gives the question a special significance. Meanwhile a Senator from Massachusetts Edward Brand said that the responsibility for the consequences of such carelessness will fall entirely on the President.

«Donald trump will be fully responsible for each loaded project plastic [rifles] AR-15 that disperse through the streets of our country, if he does nothing today,» said Mark.

The Senator from Connecticut was even more eloquent. «The blood will be on him (trump. USA.one‘s) hand,» said Richard Blumenthal.

Recall the issue of 3D printing of weapons was raised during the administration of President Obama. The then head of the White house has made it clear: printed firearms — outside the law. And now the Democrats claim that the government violated the administrative procedure Act because they were not notified in advance about changes in this important issue.